Big Hurt Team Challenges

What’s a challenge without others to push and celebrate with you in victory or defeat? The Big Hurt’s organizers have taken this race a step further by offering a couple of team challenges to sweeten the pot.

Disclaimer: All challenges are offered as a fun way to compete against those who will be participating and in no way is meant to be derogatory or not show good sportsmanship. With that said “Let the fun begin!”

The Big Hurt Challenge

The team that receives the most accepted challenges will start the Big Hurt as “A Winner”! The winning challenging team will receive a personal announcement at the start of the race, a special prize package and free entry to next year’s race.

Steps to enter the Big Hurt Challenge:

  1. Register your team to participate in the race.
  2. Your team name will then be added to the challenge drop down menu on the registration form page.
  3. Forwarding the challenge email that will be sent to you after your registration is completed.
  4. The challenge email will provide instructions for participating teams to click on the teams name that challenged them from the drop down menu on their registration screen, thus giving you credit for the challenge.
  5. The challenges entries will be tallied and a winner announced before the race and instructions will be sent on how to pick up your team prize.

Bonus Video Challenge

We are also offering one more way to celebrate the dedication to training as well as get under the skin of your competitors by proposing a video challenge on the Big Hurt’s Facebook event page.

We encourage you to take a short video clip of how you are training for the Big Hurt while saying:

“We're training for the Big Hurt,
what are you doing today?”

And post it to the events page to help give a mental edge and show your competition you are serious (or not so serious). A prize will be awarded to the best video posted to the event’s page.

See this Facebook link for the location to post and example video’s.