Big Hurt Road Bike

Course Description

The course is 30 miles with a cumulative elevation gain of 2,100 feet. The ride visits some of the scenic landscapes of Clallam County, including the Elwha River, Freshwater Bay, and the rural roads of Eden Valley and Dan Kelly.

Detailed Directions
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After leaving the transition zone, bikers head south on Oak Street. Turn right at Front Street and follow it west to the first stoplight. Turn left at the stoplight and go up the Tumwater Truck Route (Hwy 117) and follow south 1 mile. Turn right onto Lauridsen Boulevard and follow it west about 1.5 miles until it turns into to Edgewood Drive.

After about two miles the road will make a hard left and turn into Laird Road. Take the next right onto Elwha River Road. After crossing the bridge, there will be a short climb to a stop sign. Turn right at the stop sign onto Highway 112. In just over 2 miles, turn right onto Freshwater Bay Road and follow it approximately 2 miles to the turnaround at Freshwater Bay County Park. There will be water and restrooms at the park.

After the turnaround, go back the way you came and turn left on Hwy 112. After 1 mile, turn right onto Eden Valley Road. In 2 miles, turn left onto Dan Kelly Road and follow it back down to Hwy 112. Turn right on Hwy 112 and then left back onto Elwha River Road where you will return to downtown Port Angeles, staying RIGHT at Sunset Wire and Rope onto 2nd Street, then left onto South Valley Street, then follow the directions of local law enforcement officers to get into the final chute on Front Street. The chute will have cyclists leaving the hub and coming into the hub at the same time pay close attention, stay right and pass carefully!

Traffic control will be in place in downtown Port Angeles, but starting at the Tumwater Truck Route, bikers must follow all normal rules of the road. The roads are all open and all roads on the route have narrow shoulders. The route will be minimally marked.

Cyclist Competency

The bike racer must be capable of racing/riding on public roads that are open to motor vehicles. The racer is responsible for knowing the course. There are minimal signs and no mileage markers on the course.

Assistance along the course is not allowed. There will be a mechanic available at the start line for any last minute emergencies (emergencies only please, have your bike maintained and ready before the race!). There will be water and a restroom available at the turnaround at Freshwater Bay. There are no other services provided along the course. The racer should start with sufficient water and food for the entire course. The bike racer is responsible for providing a safe bicycle. The racer should be able to repair flat tires without outside assistance.

Drop-Off and Staging

Road cyclists can drop off their bicycles at Hollywood Beach between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Cyclists will be directed to the staging area near the beach.

Equipment And Safety Rules

Helmets are mandatory. Bikes must be in good condition. Recumbent bicycles are not allowed except for handicapped racers (request approval prior to registration). Motorized bikes of any nature are not allowed. Bicyclists may not receive assistance or spare parts from anyone after starting the race.

All of the roads will be open to normal public use. Traffic control will be in place in the downtown area, but outside of downtown, all regular rules of the road apply and cyclists are expected to follow all normal traffic rules. There are hazards along the route including narrow shoulders, truck traffic, dogs, etc. Pay attention out there!

No ear buds, earphones, or anything else that would limit hearing can be used during this or any leg of The Big Hurt.


Spectators can observe the race from the turnaround point at Freshwater Bay County Park and along Oak Street at the Waterfront Park.

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