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2023 Big Hurt MTB Leg Description
The course for this year will be similar to last with the addition of a new long downhill back to the parking lot at the end. There has been significant logging operations up there this year, but the WA DNR tailgated the logging trucks out, and put the pieces back together in a flash. Keep in mind the sections in the fresh cut areas are quite loose right now but nothing a bit of rain will pack it in. Now would be a good time to stop and pray (or whatever you do) for rain…………………….Amen

The start will be at the same spot with a nice Westerly view. Let that view distract you from the pain of the first mile-ish road climb up to a right turn onto Freefall. In about 100’ you will go left onto Firnobyl and ride both upper and lower. At Sunnyside go right, to Freefall go right and follow it back to where you left the road earlier. This section is soft right now. Cross the road onto Phantom Bear and follow it all the way to the “Mandatory Viewpoint”. From there it’s down I-5 to the first right onto the Connector trail. To Sunnyside go right for about ½ mile where there will be a SHARP left onto Off-Ramp. Off-ramp is all new and a lot of fun. Follow this down and don’t fall off the cliff. Continue on Off-Ramp all the way to the parking lot and you did it! Well almost. Now it’s time to summon your inner Roadie and tuck your way to town obeying ALL TRAFFIC LAWS in the process. Now you did it!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to make some small modifications based on trail conditions. The majority of this route is set though.

Cyclist Competency

The Foothills trail is a multi-use trail, including motorized use so watch for other traffic. It varies between smooth and flowy, to tight and rough with loose rocks. Some off-road riding experience is strongly recommended.

The bike racer must be capable of racing/riding on public roads that are open to motor vehicles. The racer is responsible for knowing the course. There are minimal signs and no mileage markers on the course.

Assistance along the course is not allowed. There will be a mechanic available at the start line for any last minute emergencies (emergencies only please, have your bike maintained and ready before the race!). There are no other services provided along the course. The racer should start with sufficient water and food for the entire course. The bike racer is responsible for providing a safe bicycle. The racer should be able to repair flat tires without outside assistance.

Getting to the Start Line

Racers are required to be dropped off at the start line on race day. If you are an Iron Division competitor and are coming to the race solo, please email us at and we will pair you up with another Iron competitor or team to give you a ride.

The race starts at 9:00 a.m.—allow 30 minutes to get to the gate from downtown Port Angeles. Plan to arrive at the gate by 8:30 a.m., as there is a 1/2 mile ride or walk uphill to the start line. There is a racer briefing at 7:30 a.m. before the 9:00 a.m. start. There is room to park for team members and spectators if they wish to watch the race start or stay to watch racers coming through after the first loop.

Directions from the Hub: Go South on Lincoln Street to 8th Street and go Right. Follow to the 2nd light which is Pine Street and go Left. After the stop sign, it will turn into Black Diamond Road, which you will follow several miles until you come to Little River Road where you will take a Left. In 1.5 miles there will be a trailhead on your left clearly marked as "Foothills Trail System" From there you take the trail, then stay left at the fork to stay going west. At the end of the trail (logging road) turn right and to get to the Start Line.

Equipment and Safety Rules

While there is a fair bit of dirt and paved road riding, the trail portion of the route is fairly rough, loose, and steep. Some mountain bike experience is highly recommended. It is also strongly recommended that you use a mountain bike, ideally with a little suspension and definitely good brakes.

Helmets are mandatory. Bikes must be in good condition. Motorized bikes of any nature are not allowed. Bicyclists may not receive assistance or spare parts from anyone after starting the race.

There are hazards along the route including narrow shoulders, truck traffic, dogs, etc. Pay attention out there!

No ear buds, earphones, or anything else that would limit hearing can be used during this or any leg of The Big Hurt.


Spectators are welcome but they must make their way up to the start line just as the riders. Riders will start, do a long loop, and come by the start line again as they exit the trail to head back to town so that would be a convenient place to watch.

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