Big Hurt in September 2020!

A four-leg test of endurance, strength and tenacity intertwined with the beauty of the North Olympic Peninsula. From the foothills of the Olympic Mountains to the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Relay Teams and individuals in the Iron Division gather from far and wide to explore Port Angeles in Washington State and its incredible surroundings via bike, kayak and foot.

Participants begin on mountain bikes and ride 16.5 miles on logging roads, single-track trails and pavement before reaching the Waterfront Park in downtown Port Angeles. From the beach, participants’ kayak 3 miles, embark on a 30-mile road bike journey and endure a 10-kilometer run along one of the jewels of the area, the scenic Olympic Discovery Trail. Register today to embark on this beauty and beast challenge!

The History of the Big Hurt Multi-Sport Race

In 1997, the City of Port Angeles asked the North Olympic Peninsula Visitor and Convention Bureau to put together an event that would bring people to town. Kristi Agren and Rick Hert from the Visitor Bureau thought it was a great idea, and after a brainstorming session with the Port Angeles Parks & Recreation Department, the Big Hurt was born.

The event started out with only 65 participants, but grew quickly to over 300 racers in the next 2 years. At the peak of the event, there were nearly 600 participants. The Visitor Bureau coordinated the event until 2002, after which it transferred to the Hurricane Ridge Public Development Authority.

Consisting of 4 race legs—mountain bike, kayak, road bike, and run—the event has had a number of distance and location configurations over the years. One thing that has stayed the same is that the event has always been enthusiastically embraced by the community of Port Angeles. There were plenty of local participants alongside those from out of town, and the Big Hurt was only able to host these participants through the support of local sponsors, and a HUGE quantity of local co-organizers and volunteers.

The last year of the original event was 2004. The event was resurrected in 2015 by Scott Tucker, Tim Tucker, and Lorrie Mittmann with the support of local business sponsors. Once again, the return of the Big Hurt has a huge amount of local interest for participation, and there are many opportunities for sponsoring and volunteering. If you are interested in participating, sponsoring, or volunteering, please email -